Fort Wayne’s Famous Coney Island

  • Welcome to Fort Wayne’s Famous Coney Island Wiener Stand!

  • Our Coney Dogs are made daily with love.

  • Everyone is welcome at the counter.
    Bring your friends & family!

  • Step back in time with a Coke Bottle and a Coney Dog!

  • Thank you for 100 years of service! We love our customers!

  • Coney Island: A long standing family tradition.

  • Our buns are steamed.
    Since 1914.

  • Try our Chili, Hamburgers, or Coney Dogs.
    This is how good food tastes.

Coney Island: Our History

Coney Island: Our History

Operated by the same family since 1916, Coney Island is one of many Fort Wayne eateries established by Macedonians and maintained by their descendents. Today Kathy Choka & Jim Todoran take on the role of caretakers; corporate titles in this egalitarian environment seem ridiculously out of place.

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Our Menu: Tried & True

Our Menu: Tried & True

Our menu has changed very little over the last one hundred years. We keep it simple and our customers keep coming back for more. Each day, we sell an average of two thousand hot dogs, and hand-chop over fifty pounds of onions. From our famous Coney Dogs to chili and hamburgers, take a look at our menu!

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Welcome to Coney Island

Welcome to Coney Island

Stepping into the Coney Island is like stepping back in time—maybe not all the way to 1914, when it opened, but back to the days when going out for a couple of hot dogs was considered a real treat. Passersby can feast their eyes on the neatly lined rows of hot dogs cooking on the grill in the front window.

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